API .Net wrapper


This is a simple-to-use API wrapper for .Net. It makes use of the REST api for which is documented here:

The wrapper is unfortunately not entirely feature complete, as has added more features since I developed this. It does however have all the core functions, which really is all you’ll need.

It requires .Net 3.5 and includes full source code (of course).

It’s also my first project written using TDD (Test Driven Development), so there’s a pretty large unit test suite included in the project.

The unit tests require Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher, as I’m using VS’ unit testing capabilities instead of NUnit.

Finally here’s a simple example of using the library:

var client = new BitlyClient("yourlogin", "yourapikey");
var shortUrl = client.Shorten("");
Console.WriteLine(shortUrl); // Writes ""

And that’s all there’s too it 🙂

Download it here: [Download]