SOLID applied – to REST API endpoints

I see an approach to REST APIs rather often, that isn’t exactly ideal, so here I want to show how to use SOLID to analyze the intended solution and hopefully reach the conclusion, that something else might be better. Our example For this example let’s say we have a Task management API, and our Task […]

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Preventing dependency version conflicts in .Net libraries

What is the issue? Dependency version conflicts happen when you have multiple libraries referencing the same dependency, but with different version numbers. This is in fact quite common, so much so that Microsoft has done a lot to try and automatically resolve the issue. You might even be affected by it without knowing. The way […]

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DevOps: Automating pushing your GitHub project to NuGet

I recently set about updating some of my .NET Framework projects to .NET Standard 2.0, as I wanted to support both the “old” .NET Framework, as well as .NET Core. In doing so I also wanted to push new NuGet packages of the .NET Standard version, so others can benefit from these projects as well. […]

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Easiest way to mount network shares on Linux using _netdev

I’ve been switches a bit between distros from the Debian family and the Red Hat family. In doing so I’ve also been switching between using if-up.d and NetworkManager/dispatcher.d for mounting and unmounting my NAS network shares as one wasn’t available on one distro, and vice versa. The way I had it set up, was I […]

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Frequent micro stutter in Fortnite on low-spec PC

I’ve recently attempted to get a low-spec PC to run Fortnite for a friend of mine. His specs were an old Phenom II x4 3,1ghz, 8GB of DDR3 and an HD 7850 2GB. Running the game at medium 1080p actually showed decent FPS at around 60-70 *most* of the time. Occasionally it would plummet to […]

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Getting started with crypto currency mining on your own desktop PC: Monero and Aeon

A lot of people have heard about Bitcoin by now, however mining it on a normal desktop PC is a complete waste of power and thus money. You need highly specialized hardware for Bitcoin today.

So instead you can mine some of the lesser currencies, that are still on the rise.

I’ll go over two currencies, which are very easy to get started on, AND are usually profitable on desktop PCs.

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