Easiest way to mount network shares on Linux using _netdev

I’ve been switches a bit between distros from the Debian family and the Red Hat family. In doing so I’ve also been switching between using if-up.d and NetworkManager/dispatcher.d for mounting and unmounting my NAS network shares as one wasn’t available on one distro, and vice versa. The way I had it set up, was I […]

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Split tunnelling with vpnc the easy way

I recently switched to running a clean Ubuntu Server with i3 as my window manager – this meant no more network connect, and thus I couldn’t simply use the checkbox “Use this connection only for resources on its network”.

So running a barebone vpnc, I finally figured out a simple way to split the traffic, so only traffic intended for the remote network runs through the VPN.

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My journey to Linux – Part 4

In part 4 I go over configuring my keyboard shortcuts to mimick those I commonly used on Windows.

I also configure automatic trim of my SSD, so I don’t have to worry about degraded performance over time.

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