My journey to Linux – Part 1

Having used Windows since version 3.0 back in the DOS days, I’ve recently decided it’s time to move my workstation to Linux.

This will be the first post in a series, where I go over how the journey starts, what problems arise and (hopefully) how I solve them.

For this first post I’ll go over why, and what considerations I’ve taken before I even begin installing Linux.

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Restoring performance of Samsung 840 EVO SSD

If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely already heard about the problems with old data getting slow on Samsung’s popular 840 EVO SSD drive.

Here I go over a simple workaround to keep performance up, until Samsung can fix the problem permanently.

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C# based simple service locator

I’ve always loved the Service locator pattern – why ? Because it requires so little maintenance, and it’s a very crucial point if you want somewhat automatic dependency injection.

As you can read in my blog post “Staying DRY: Mind those switch statements” a service locator can replace cumbersome multiple switch statements which require each one to be changed whenever a new case comes along.

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How to enable Windows eDrive encryption for SSDs

As you probably know a lot of SSDs are sold as SED: “Self Encrypting Device”, what this means is that the SSD can handle encryption itself, so your CPU doesn’t have to spend cycles doing it. This in turn actually means NO LOSS of performance, because the SSD is already encrypting all its content, it just doesn’t have a password set yet.

However enabling it on a desktop PC hasn’t always been easy, in fact it’s just recently with Windows 8 and the eDrive function, that it’s become somewhat simple to do.

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Fixing League of Legends crashes

If you’re playing League of Legends there’s a good chance you have run into one or more stability issues.

Here I’ll cover the one where the game crashes immediately after champion select (you won’t even get to see the loading screen with the champions)

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Preventing Java updates from installing Ask toolbar

If you’re like me, you absolutely hate Java updates, because they try to stuff some sort of crapware down your throat. Most commonly it’s the Ask toolbar, but McAfee antivirus has been around as well.

Luckily there’s a simple way to prevent this problem, you simply need to add 2 registry keys to the Windows registry, and Java won’t even ask you for the toolbars.

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Media file indexing broken in Synology DSM 5.0

Having just updated my Synology DS213j to DSM 5.0 I discovered that new media files were no longer being indexed.

This in turn meant my DLNA was worthless, since new content would never index and thus never show.

Apparently this issue only occurs when you have encrypted at least one shared folder (even though it’s not used for media files, and not configured to be indexed)

Synology has yet to come up with a proper fix for this, so until they do you can fix it like this:

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