Serverside paging with Ms SQL 2005 / 2008

If you’ve done any amount of website development, you know the issues with paging your data.

With MS SQL 2005 and newer there’s an easy way to do it in your SQL queries. And it even performs better to boot!

Here I’ll sum up how to write proper paging queries with superb performance.

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Accessing session in HttpHandlers

In ASP.Net HttpHandlers cannot access the session state by default, in order to enable them to do so, you need to implement an interface.

However this is rather simple, since the interface is just a “marker interface” as MSDN calls it. Here’s how to do it.

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Tuning IIS 7 for static content

Having an IIS serve static content is an excellent idea, however out-of-the-box it performs horribly for the job.
Read here how to archive a factor 20 improvement of the performance, by doing nothing but configuration.

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.Net Cache library

Caching library’et er egentlig bare en egen udviklet cache ala. den man kender fra HttpRuntime.Cache.

Dog med et par forskelle, bl.a. kræver den ikke System.Web namespacet og den er generic (så ikke noget med at typecaste hele tiden). Ellers er brugen meget den samme.

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